What We Offer
Operating and managing live music and all aspects that come with it including:

  • Daily and / or weekly entertainment scheduling
  • Reviewing of all submissions
  • Creating promotional material
  • Promotion of events via social media posts
  • Scouting live performances for emerging talent
  • Replying to all emails pertaining to entertainment and booking
  • Offering a wide variety of multiple genres of music and artists
  • Booking solo, duo and / or trio artists that are appropriate for specific venue
  • Booking full piece bands
  • Payroll service
  • Graphic design
  • Expansion of talent roster
Night Owl Entertainment
CEO: Michael Begleiter
Phone: 914-552-7865
Website: www.TheNightOwlAgency.com
Email: TheNightOwlAgency@gmail.com
FL. TA Lic.#: 1253