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The Kinected

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The Kinected is a four piece band who’s fresh and unique sound can be defined as a cohesive blend of pop, electro and indie rock. The music is a recipe of rhythmical guitar with bass grooves that roll over hot beats. Catchy melodic hooks are delivered through smooth yet strong vocals.The lyrics are relatable and interestingly thought provoking. On a dynamically softer level, The Kinected’s musical approach creates soulful acoustic ballads. Performing live, they improvise and expand on album cuts which keeps the energy on the dance floor and the crowd emotionally engaged.

Alex Zapatier (Lead Vocals / guitar) has a vocal sound that is smooth, yet highly energetic and delivered with much conviction. Their lyrics are intelligent, yet still fun. Alex delivers catchy, syncopated guitar rhythms and melodic lines thus embedding his own personal stamp to each song. His solos reflect emotional expression and influences of Jimmy Page, David Gilmore, Slash, Hendrix and The Edge. Alex says, “Every song has a distinct color, mood, and identity. Our music must have a purpose, create a visual, evoke positive emotion, and hypnotize physically as well as mentally.”

Mike B (Bass) delivers bass lines that are infectious and memorable. He grew up in New York as a rhythm guitar player who made the switch to the bass realm when his cousin Alex Zapatier asked him to join the band in order to fulfill the low end.

Marck Mangel (Drums) is the heartbeat and gorilla glue of the band. With his drumming style and attitude he sets the tone and holds the band together. He adds, “Our thoughts and emotions are channeled through waves of sound that are designed to flow through the body with a pulse that makes you want to dance, grind and fist pump.”

Ron Anthony / Christopher Cope / Rodney Hansen (Keyboards,Synth,SubBass) delivers atmospheric keyboard sounds which set the tone while his piano lines aim for the heart. His signature synthbass often mirrors the bass guitar defining the groove and engraving it in your mind.