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Rogue Theory

Rogue Theory Band
Rogue Theory Band

Moon Song 2/3 (BalconyTV)
Radioactive – Kelsey Theater
Rogue Theory Band
There something inside all of us that wants to break from the standard, something that drives some to take a leap, a risk that will determine who we are, how we will define ourselves and who we will become: it’s time to go Rogue.

Introducing Rogue Theory Band; a collective of unique backgrounds, and interests that blend to express a common purpose of providing energy and movement through good entertainment. With tour experience and a consistent tour schedule Rogue Theory Band has quickly become a household name throughout the South Florida live music circuit.

A young professional focused approach to the sound they build on stage truly does come from a strong music education background and experience. This deviation from standard or Rogue approach has been summed up in a word by many . . . Refreshing.

Rogue Theory features:
Harry “HD” Bayron (Lead Vocals & Electric Violin); Johnny Frasca (Guitar and Vocals); Johnny Hayes (Bass, Vocals); Preston Cleckley (Drums). On select performances Rogue Theory incorporates special guests musicians which include instrumentation of saxophone, trombone, additional guitarists and even a DJ.

All members pride themselves in having a unique approach to their respected instrument which comes from a built chemistry, ensemble influence and experience. This is a creative, high energy performance with a touch of class. Come enjoy Rogue Theory as a concert listening experience or get up and dance, either way it is a one of a kind performance that is sure to entertain. Come join us . . . go Rogue.