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The Kinected

Spechlis Live: “Come Together The Beatles”
Spechlis Live: “3am Matchbox Twenty”
Combining soothing sultriness and passionate power creates the dynamic versatility that is the driving force at the heart of Spechlis. Sheyenne Rivers and Daniel Ericks have an incredible energy on stage that will engage any audience. With pen in hand, their creative chemistry can capture an emotion and immortalize moments in time with music and words that are catchy and speak to the listener long after they have stopped listening.

Spechlis is a delicate balance between Americana and Pop with notes of Folk, Bluegrass and Rock. They have been leaving audiences speechless in venues across the country performing their upcoming debut LP, “From Here”. They connect even further with their audience through unique interpretations of their favorite songs, such as, “Missing You” which caught attention from the mega hit song’s co-writer Chas Sandford.

“Spechlis is An Americana Pop Experience.” Experience the songs, the harmonies, the infectious and undeniable energy. Working with such amazing talents including mega hit songwriter, renowned producer and musician, Chas Sandford, Grammy Award winning engineer Ben Fowler and Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer Hank Williams is just the first chapter in Spechlis’ Epic.